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Why is TaraCRM important for insurance agents ?

TaraCRM is a solution that addresses the specific needs of insurance agents. It helps in organising all your contacts, automates task assignments, and manages multiple types of policies in a single system. It helps you close deals faster and build a persistent relationship with your contacts.

Important features of TaraCRM, the #1 Insurance CRM can be checked below.

Important Features

Apart from having a user-friendly interface TaraCRM offers the following important features

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Easy task management

TaraCRM for insurance agents organize and categorize your work. Repeating tasks are asigned automatically in TaraCRM. On policy renewal or expiry tasks are assigned to the policy managers automatically. You can also add comments to tasks, get notified when comment is added

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Lead management

Data is a crucial resource to drive business. Keeping this in mind TaraCRM for insurance agents has been designed in such a manner that it captures data easily and swiftly. TaraCRM helps in filtering your leads data and transfer the potential business opportunities to your sales team.

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Track customer's fund

Funds collected from your customers need proper management. It is really hard to keep a track of collections and its usages, especially when the volume is high. TaraCRM makes this task very easy. Insurance agents can get all details of collection and its usages just on a button click.

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Easy communication

We understand that Phone and face to face customer interaction have become obsolete. Customers prefer to communicate through web and mobile applications. TaraCRM gives the organization the flexibility to contact the customer through these touch points.

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Multiple policies

TaraCRM made it easy to handle customer data for multiple policies in one plateform. This helps insurance agents to keep policyholders organized, and gives a complete view of all the different policies of a customer.

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Renewal Automation

Renewal automation helps you and your customers renew the policies on time. TaraCRM workflow send reminders to customers as well as to insurance agents whenever a renewal is due. TaraCRM also reminds you on maturity of a policy, enabling you to pitch a new sale.

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Manage commissions

Managing commission is just as important as other features in any insurance CRM. At the end of the day, one of the main goals of an insurance agent and agency is to ensure that they receive their commissions and retain their clients. TaraCRM helps insurance agents track the commission component and helps them achieve their goal.

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Employees management

TaraCRM not only captures employee data but also keeps track of how important an employee is to the agency. TaraCRM rates the employee on the basis of tasks completed by them. As TaraCRM is a right-based system, you can give different access rights to different employees.

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